Dental Bridges

Sellwood-Moreland and Portland OR

Do you have missing teeth? You can “bridge” the gap created by one or multiple lost teeth using a dental bridge. Bridges are a restorative tooth replacement option offered at Whole Health Dentistry.

What can you expect when a bridge is installed?

Bridgework usually consists of the artificial teeth, known as pontics, with an abutment at either end. The abutments are cemented over the adjacent teeth.

The pontic is the artificial tooth that replacing the missing tooth, following an extraction.


  • A dental bridge is one of the most cost-effective options to restore the smile of patients with missing teeth.
  • Bridgework is bonded into the mouth. This means a dental bridge will not slip the way dentures can, and you can continue to eat all your favorite foods. This bond also means you can clean bridges just as you would your natural teeth.
  • Bridges have a typical lifespan of about 10 years—longer than dentures.

Good oral hygiene is vital for patients with bridges. The presence of the bridgework increases your risk for your teeth and gums to become infected. If this infection becomes serious, the bridge may have to be removed.

A thorough at-home regimen of oral hygiene will prolong the life of a dental bridge.

The importance of replacing lost teeth

Missing teeth affect your ability to eat. They also alter your smile, lowering your self-confidence.

Over time, missing teeth can have a negative effect on your oral health. When a tooth is missing for a prolonged length of time, the adjacent teeth naturally begin shifting into the gap. This can cause a misaligned bite and lead to other significant orofacial problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Bone degeneration also is a long-term consequence of lost teeth.

Replacing your missing teeth means that your oral health will also be restored. Your jawbone will remain stable, instead of diminishing away. Plus, your bite can be properly aligned, facilitating comfortable oral posture, relieve TMJ discomfort, and you can enjoy food again.

Why live with these problems any longer? If you have missing teeth, contact. Whole Health Dentistry today at (503) 462-1538. Whole Health Dentistry offers complete oral care to patients of Sellwood-Moreland and Portland, Oregon.