Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance to Remodel Your Jaw

Not everyone was born with a perfect smile, and while bite and alignment problems can also cause embarrassment and cosmetic imperfections in your face, they can also lead to a long list of other complications. Common problems that can arise from a misaligned jaw include difficulties chewing, breathing difficulty, TMJ (temporal mandibular jaw) disorders leading to pain and discomfort, and an asymmetrical face. Treating these problems used to require invasive surgery, but now we here at Whole Health Dentistry can fix misalignment problems in your jaw by using Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliances.

How Could a Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance Benefit Me?

In the past, sometimes the only option to help with a poor bite was the surgical removal of teeth followed by dental braces. Bite alignment concerns, breathing difficulty, and jaw pain were remedied with extraction, but today we can fix many of these problems using a Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance (FAGGA).

Breathing complications from a crowded mouth or misaligned jaw is often due to how poorly the tongue was sitting in the mouth, but by applying the FAGGA, your tongue is no longer crowded. Your airway, in turn, will no longer be closed off and obstructed. Furthermore, while traditional orthodontic expansion may be a good fit for children, it is generally not advised for adults as it can lead to tooth and gum loss.

People who breathe through their mouth will finally be able to breathe through their nose, and people who have problems closing their mouth all the way can finally do so after FAGGA treatment. People who have struggled with TMJ problems may have painful crackling and clicking in their mouth and ongoing headaches, but FAGGA can help them. People who suffer from sleep apnea may also benefit from a Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance.

To determine who may benefit from Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance therapy, we often start with an initial consultation. During this appointment, we may advise X-rays. These X-rays will help us determine if you have any alignment issues or midface deficiencies that result in an underbite or poor jaw alignment.

If we can identify any of these issues, we may then next advise that you start your treatment with orthodontic appliances such as the FAGGA. If we fit you with your Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance, you can expect to wear it from anywhere between four to six months.

Benefits of FAGGA treatment include improved breathing, especially at nighttime. For those who have “weak” chins and “turkey necks,” a cosmetic improvement is often noticed. Improvement in the appearance of your cheekbones is often noticeable, as well. A reduction in fine lines in your face and fuller lips is also possible.

Your mouth will feel less crowded, making way for the successful eruption your wisdom teeth or other teeth. Your bite will be better aligned. TMJ pain is greatly reduced, as is snoring, and the best part of it all is that you will notice that you are often smiling and are happier in general!

To learn more about Fixed Anterior Guided Growth Appliance therapy, and to determine if you may be a good candidate for this procedure, please give us here at Whole Health Dentistry a call today at (503) 462-1538 to schedule a consultation or for more information!