Mercury Free Dentistry

Sellwood-Moreland and Portland OR

Whole Health Dentistry takes a total approach to providing oral health care for patients of all ages. Part of that philosophy means maintaining a mercury-free practice. This protects not only your safety but the environment as well.

The dangers of mercury

Amalgam fillings, also known as metal fillings, have been used in dentistry for decades. However, the composition of these fillings can contain up to 50 percent mercury.

If mercury levels in the blood become significant, the mercury can cause negative psychological, immunological or neurological effects on the body. Even low levels of mercury exposure can have an effect—the risk is especially high for children and pregnant women, as mercury can hinder the ability to develop an immune system or cognition.

If you have amalgam fillings, mercury vapors are released from the dental work anytime you eat, drink, chew or brush your teeth. These vapors pass through cell membranes with a direct route into the nervous system.

A single amalgam filling can release as much as 15 micrograms of mercury into the body per day.

The composite alternative

At Whole Health Dentistry, we use tooth-colored composite fillings as an alternative. Not only are these fillings matched to look like your remaining natural teeth, but they also are free of the potentially harmful effects of dental work that contains mercury. We also can replace existing fillings with the tooth-colored composites, thus removing the mercury from your mouth before it can potentially do any more damage.

Composite fillings also are bonded directly into the mouth; amalgam fillings are not, which means it can cause teeth to crack and fracture. On the other hand, composites do not cause harm to your teeth or your health.

To learn more about mercury-free dentistry, or schedule an appointment, contact. Whole Health Dentistry today at (503) 462-1538. Whole Health Dentistry offers complete oral care to patients of Sellwood-Moreland and Portland, Oregon.